Why the Spiral Tower?

The first climate neutral high-rise attraction in the world

  • The Spiral Tower is the ultimate landmark for a modern city.
  • This architectural eye catcher is sustainable and has low energy use.
  • Each cabin regenerates energy like an electric car.
  • The tower operation is steered by an intelligent control system.
  • The cabins have smart windows with augmented city information.
  • Suited for social distancing: clearly separated visitors groups per cabin.
  • The spiral tower is green, with an integrated windmill and solar panels.
  • It is made with an affordable lightweight steel construction.
  • And most important: a uniquely small footprint.
  • The Spiral Tower is truly the most innovative and sustainable high-rise attraction in the world.

“Each cabin has its own electric motor and works like an electric car, regenerating energy as it goes down”

Who have developed the Spiral Tower?

Initiators and engineers of the Spiral Tower

Pioneers in the offshore industry, innovators in renewables, engineers of giant observation wheels, we have a reputation for delivering high tech concepts, with a high focus on execution down to the very last detail. 

Responsible for electric, motion and operational systems of the Spiral Tower

Creating movement is our driving force. Changing scenes on the theatre, production lines that automatically adapt to new products, sufficient power for moving gates that weigh several metric tons, mobile machines for the largest construction sites in the world, dynamic systems for leisure attractions.

Responsible for the innovative steel construction of the Spiral Tower

Market leader in the production of innovative steel constructions for buildings, bridges, offshore and leisure. From design, engineering and optimization through to production and on-site assembly.

Responsible for the innovative design of the Spiral Tower

World class creative agency in development and design of transformative experiences for brands, museums and public spaces. 200 projects in 30 countries that touch hearts, change minds and activate hands.

What is the Spiral Tower?

Unique features

  • new landmark for city centre, city district, expo terrain, park
  • amazing 360 degrees surround view
  • magical motion spiraling up and down
  • autonomous electric cabines with energy regeneration 
  • variable number of capsules during operation
  • easy to upgrade (more capsules)
  • sustainable architecture: lightweight construction/ circular materials
  • urban greening and urban farming in core of structure
  • solar panels on entrance roof
  • urban windmill on top
  • possible to combine with hotel or office function
  • augmented reality information on cabin windows
  • information about history, city hotspots, new urban developments, sustainable initiatives, infrastructure/ transport, nature,


  • small footprint: limited space necessary
  • significantly cheaper than Ferris wheel and most other high-rise attractions
  • easy and cheap maintenance because of easy access
  • all weather operation 
  • easy to personalize appearance and operation
  • minimal use of material compared to other high-rise attractions
  • quick and easy to install 
  • easy to exchange a capsule
  • possibility to adjust the speed during the ride 
  • individual capsule drive system, slow down at boarding platform 
  • easy access/emergency evacuation
  • active tuned mass damper to improve comfort
  • high quality and proven technology: developed by experts and companies also involved in the London Eye and the Dubai Wheel


Examples of personalization and design variations

Small is beautiful (± 60-80 m)
Original (± 80-100 m)
Extra green (± 100-120 m)
Metropolitan (± 120-150 m)

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